Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia: A Dreamy Vacation You Cannot Miss

As a true Southeast Asia gem, the hidden beauty of Phu Quoc island will take you new surprises. The endless turquoise seas, undulating islands, colorful floating fishing boats on the waves, friendly islanders, all of them create the picturesque scenery of Phu Quoc island.

Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia

Phu Quoc island is listed as one of the top 10 most attractive destinations that you have to try it once when traveling to Vietnam, especially for first-time visitors. Are you curious about a perfect Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia? Let’s read it now.

Best Time To Go To Phu Quoc

Different from other destinations in Southern Vietnam, the weather in Phu Quoc changes throughout the year so you must consider choosing a suitable flight time. High rainfall often happens from July to September while sunny days last from November to March. This favorable climate motivates you to join in a wide range of outdoor activities.

Different from other areas in Vietnam, which are commonly divided into the dry season and the rainy season, Phu Quoc is quite hot all year round split into three main seasons, describing its volume of visitors as well.

From November to March: Best Time for Phu Quoc Itinerary from Malaysia

At this time, the Phu Quoc climate is very ideal for a tropical getaway with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius throughout the day, with shining sun and crystal-clear sky. However, it is also the reason why Phu Quoc island can get crowded, which is inconvenient for your vacation because of limited accommodation, high price, and so on. We recommend you to arrange your booking beforehand at least 2-3 month for better price and service.

From April to June: Shoulder Season for Your Phu Quoc Trip

Another acceptable time you can spend on your Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia is from April to June, the hottest months of the island. You can believe or not, but we cannot make sure one perfect vacation for you as having a fifty-fifty chance of good weather. Moreover, the humidity level is around 80 to 85 percent, which makes you sweaty. However, you can freely immerse in the cool water in Phu Quoc beaches as the number of visitors has started to decline.

From July to September: Start off your Phu Quoc Itinerary is NOT a good idea

Why don’t you come to see Phu Quoc at this time? You can not get your perfect holiday when it is heavily raining everywhere. However, you can choose other destinations in Vietnam which are well worth a try, especially the Central Vietnam.

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How To Get Phu Quoc Island from Malaysia

Located in Duong To Town, Kien Giang Province, Phu Quoc International Airport is convenient for the non-stop flight from Malaysia to Phu Quoc. One flight commonly lasts nearly 2 hours.

According to the official price estimated to December 2019, a round-trip Air Asia ticket departing from Kuala Lumpur to Phu Quoc is about 753 MYR. Other departing flights you can pay attention are Vietnam Airlines (from 1016.49 MYR to 1715.45 MYR; China Southern (2173 MYR); Malaysia Airlines, Bangkok Airways (3282.12 MYR).

Just only 30 minutes, you can be accessible to the center of Phu Quoc: Dong Duong Town, Duong To Town or Ham Ninh Town. Getting around the city is very convenient, mostly taxis are widely used.

Best Areas to Stay in Phu Quoc

In general, as the long-distance among the beautiful Phu Quoc beaches, we recommend you to choose one hotel or resort located in the center of the island to stay – Dong Duong Town (the West of Phu Quoc island). A wide range of hotels here are the great accommodations of thousands of foreign and domestic visitors coming to the “pearl island” yearly.

Best Areas to Stay - Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia

However, there are few resorts and spacious hotels in Dong Duong Town. Spacious hotels and resorts are located in the South of the town (also called Bai Truong) and in the North of the town (also called Bai Ong Lang). If you prefer a more bustling space, you can stay near the Long Beach area. Here are some well-known resorts you can choose to stay:

  • Salinda Resort Phu Quoc Island
  • Dusit Princess Moonrise Beach Resort
  • Seashells Phu Quoc Hotel & Spa
  • Sol Beach House Phu Quoc
  • Fusion Resort Phu Quoc
  • Vinpearl Resort & Spa Phu Quoc
  • Anja Beach Resort & Spa

A Phu Quoc Itinerary from Malaysia with Details

Day 1-2: Best Destinations to Discover Phu Quoc’s Nature

1. Phu Quoc Dog Racing

Address: Duong To Commune, the North of the Phu Quoc International Airport.

phu quoc dog racing - Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia

Different from other traditional dog racing, trained dogs have to overcome challenges such as climbing over tall grass and trees, swimming in water in a 4 lane 400m. Experienced coaches will train these lovely dogs and motivate them by nourishing meal.

Watching an interesting competition only pays nearly $3 USD (about 60,000 VND) per person. It is worthwhile to add this experience to your bucket list on the Phu Quoc trip. Have you ever heard about the most famous and expensive Phu Quoc dog breeds? Let’s come to see Thanh Nga Dog Kennel. Phu Quoc ridgeback is well-known by its intelligence, loyalty and obedience and prominent appearance.

2. Honey Bee Farm

Phu Quoc bee farm - Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia

Additionally, Phu Quoc Bee Farm is an unforgettable experience when coming to Phu Quoc. As an ecotourism destination, you will get to know how to conserve honeybee, extract honey through regurgitation and evaporation process. Certainly, you will be defeated by the sweet taste of organic honey made from island flowers as well as a warm greeting of locals here.

3. Phu Quoc National Park

Address: 26 kilometers North of Duong Dong Town, Phu Quoc Island.

If you are an adventurous one, Phu Quoc National Park is nice for you to enjoy a broad spectrum of outdoor activities. This place is recognized by a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in 2010 with diverse flora and fauna, emerald-green forests, and rare wild animals such as silver langurs, slow loris, hornbills.

Phu Quoc national park - Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia

Under the strict protection of the Vietnamese government, you make your own way to the Forest Reserve via Ganh Dau Village to go camping, hiking, bird-watching, and photography. Let’s try your endurance with going four-hour trekking on the top of Mount Heaven – “Mount Chua”.

4. Cape Ganh Dau

Getting out the chaos in daily life, let’s dive into the pristine nature here with a wide range of forest, mountain and sea. Cape Ganh Dai is also home to a wide range of marine creatures, plenty of coral reefs.

cape ganh dau - Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia

After a long journey, let’s enjoy fresh and exquisite seafood cooked by friendly and kind locals in a beachfront restaurant. More notably, you can freely go swimming and admire the boundary area between Vietnam and Cambodia, especially Ta Lon mountain of Cambodia.

Day 3: Best Destinations to Discover Phu Quoc’s Specialties

1. Pearl Farm

Regarded as “Pearl Island”, it is no wonder why Phu Quoc has many pearl farms. With the help of modern techniques all over the world, the pearl farming industry in Phu Quoc is developed.

Pearl farm - Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia

Do you know the truth that pearl powder is widely used in traditional medicine as one remedy and in the cosmetic industry? Ngoc Hien Pearl Farm is one of the outstanding sites you cannot ignore. You can watch the process of extracting the pearl from the oyster as well as pick up some pearl gifts for your relatives.

2. Ham Ninh Fishing Village

Ham Ninh Fishing Village is nice for you to immerse in the daily life of local fishermen. Their main sources of income come from selling pearls and sea cucumbers, fishing, and seafood. Take a short drive getaway from Duong Dong Town, you have a chance to enjoy many diverse dishes, especially sea cucumber soup, tram mushroom, and boiled flower crab.

Ham Ninh Fishing Village - Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia

Near Ham Ninh village, you can get to Bai Vong Port where cargo boats take goods and fresh products from the mainland in the early morning. After that, you should admire the picturesque sunset scenery of vibrant fishing boats, majestic Ham Ninh Mountain, and the Hai Tac Archipelago.

3. Sim wine factory

Another authentic Vietnam product you should try is Sim Wine (Ruou Sim or Rose Myrtle wine) that made from the local fruit of myrtle free. Coming from ethnic minority groups, locals believe that eating seafood and drinking sim wine is a perfect combination.

Sime wine - Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia

To get the best flavors of sim wine, locals have to preserve it for at least three months. Sim wine is from 100,000 VND to 200,000 VND (approximately 5 – 10 USD) based on its quality and brand. Moreover, sim wine is good for human health, especially in your digestive system.

4. Fish Sauce Factory

Besides sim wine, the first-rate Phu Quoc fish sauce is exported widely all over the world contributing highly to the island’s economy. As a common dipping sauce in Vietnamese daily meals, it is made from anchovies, salt, and water and fermentation stages from six years to one year.

Fish sauce factory - Phu Quoc Itinerary From Malaysia

Locals collect carefully fresh black anchovy (ca com) in Phu Quoc seas to create the superior flavor for fish sauce. Surprisingly, Phu Quoc manufactures over 12 million liters of fish sauce manually. Therefore, it is one of the must-try destinations in your Phu Quoc itinerary.

5. Hon Thom Island

As the second largest island in Phu Quoc island and the largest island in An Thoi archipelago, Hon Thom island is also named as Pineapple Island. This rustic place has four beautiful beaches, an amusement park, and an underwater discovery zone.

Hon Thom island - Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia

Keep in mind that you must try to explore the best longest modern cable car system in the world recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records from An Thoi town to Hon Thom island. Do not forget your camera, take beautiful photos of emerald-green islands, colorful coral reefs and vivid fishing boats.

  • Two-way ticket: 150,000 VND/ adult (about 7 USD), 100,000 VND/ children under 1.4 meters tall, and free for kids under 1 meter (updated in July 2019).
  • Time: 30 minutes for two ways from An Thoi Station.

Day 4: Best Beaches to Enjoy A Full-day Diving/ Snorkeling Trip

With truly amazing islands and beaches, it is not hard to believe that over 80 percent of visitors choose Phu Quoc as the best destination for diving and snorkeling. The great time for snorkeling in Phu Quoc is from November to March because of warm and calm water. Here are some great snorkeling spots in Phu Quoc we recommend, the choice is yours.

1. Sao Beach

An Thoi Island is a paradise for the ones who love the untouched beauty of nature. As the most beautiful beach in An Thoi island in general and Phu Quoc island in particular, Sao Beach is a good spot for your entire vacation. You can indulge yourself in a tropical lifestyle, enjoy a colorful cocktail or shrink into the turquoise clear water. Especially, you can see many starfishes, shellfish, and sea urchins in October and September.

Tips for Snorkeling in Sao Beach:

  • Summertime from May to October brings calm water to Sao Beach as the winds have moved to the west of the island.
  • You can rent beach loungers, kayaks, jet skis, sailboards, and snorkels from local guesthouses.
  • Each year, Sao Beach attracts a great amount of visitors to come. To avoid crowded tourism at times, you can find solitude in the early morning or late afternoon. Especially, you should try to admire a wonderful sunset near the shore once.

2. Fingernail Island

Deserted cove, white sand stretching out the crystal green waters, stunning coral reefs and fewer residents – sound good to come here?

This small island is home to diverse marine species where is ideal for you to discover. At a depth of 5 meters, you can watch big puffer fish, octopuses, shrimps, crabs, and parrot. More notably, you will chill out your own space on a secluded island without being disturbed. It is a truly dreamy destination you do not want to miss.

3. Bai Khem Beach

Situated in the Gulf of Thailand, this place has the mild and warm weather all year round. Being covered with white powdery sandy shore, Bai Khem is rich in marine life with many ocean creatures. According to Forbes Magazine, Bai Khem is voted as one of the top beautiful islands in the world.

How To Choose The Best Tours for Your First Time in Vietnam

As for first-timers in Vietnam, choose one reputable travel expert plays an important role in deciding whether your vacation is successful or not.

Step 1: If you are wondering where to go, where to see, things to do during your Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia, just simply talk with our travel consultant who will sort things out for you and automatically choose what is the best for a first-time traveler.

Step 2: If you do have some specific destinations in mind as well as your own travel style, just fill out our customize form and send it to our email They will get back to you with the most appropriate travel plan and quotation just as you desired.

Step 3: Pay the deposit and just wait till the departure day to enjoy your time in Phu Quoc island. You can contact the tour operator about what to prepare before starting off your Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia.

Step 4: Let’s enjoy your dreamy vacation in the “pearl island” Phu Quoc.

Here are some suggestions for your Phu Quoc itinerary from Malaysia:

>> Phu Quoc Pearl Island 4 days

>> Phu Quoc Beach Break 4 days